Can individuals with hearing loss benefit from bone conduction headphones?

AfterShokz has a strong community of individuals with hearing loss.

While our headphones are not hearing aids, we do have customers who use our headphones to assist with hearing by pairing them to their phones and using an amplifier app. These apps use the mic on the phone to pick up surrounding sound, which is then transmitted through the headphones. The most popular app our customers use is Petralex.

As a sport headphone company, we don’t have the qualifications to determine whether our headphones will work for any particular individual, or improve the effects of any medical condition, but with plenty of retailers with in-store demos, we encourage you to give them a try.


Can individuals with vision loss benefit from bone conduction headphones?

Yes, bone conduction headphones can benefit those with vision loss by allowing users to listen to navigation instruction while still hearing their surroundings.

Last update: 11-06-2020
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