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Optimize Your Work-From-Home & Office
Bone Conduction Stereo Bluetooth Headset
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$319.00 Regular price
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$319.00 Regular price
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OpenComm UC is designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency at the office or when working from home. It is PC compatible and works well with major communication platforms. Designed to deliver superior communication, clarity, and a seamless user experience while not compromising on situational awareness, OpenComm UC is a must-have for your office.
OpenComm UC is designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency at......
All-Day Comfort
Computer Friendly
Awareness & Connection
Dual Noise-Cancelling Boom Mic
$319.00 Regular price
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Due to the rebranding process, it is important to note that the name of the dongle plugged in your PC still appears as “AfterShokz” rather than “Shokz”.
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All-Day Comfort
Computer Friendly
Awareness & Connection
Dual Noise-Cancelling Boom Mic
24-Month Warranty
Free 2-3 Business-Day Delivery
30 Days Return & Refund
24-Month Warranty
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Awards for OpenComm
2021 Reddot Award
2021 IF Design Award
2020 Good Design Award
Optimize Your
& Office Experience
A New Standard in Comfort
Open-Ear Design
Unlike traditional headsets that cover your ears, OpenComm UC’s open-ear design ensures that nothing will be in or covering your ears, ensuring long-lasting comfort, day after day.
The headset is extremely lightweight, at just 33g.
All-Day Comfort
The headset is coated in soft silicone and has a flexible wraparound frame, making it comfortable for all-day wear.
Crystal-Clear Calls & Communication
Crystal-clear Calls
With advanced DSP noise-canceling boom microphone and noise reduction algorithms, vocals are picked up and properly filtered, resulting in clearer calls and smoother voice communication without background noise. The slim flexible boom can be positioned for optimal voice capture and can be rotated out of the way when not in use. Ideal for conference calls and web chats.
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OpenComm UC
Other Headset
Outstanding Audio Quality
Equipped with 7th bone conduction technology and PremiumPitchTM 2.0, the headset can easily pick up and equalize medium and high-frequency vocals for unrivaled communication. This means you never miss a word during important calls or when listening to audio.
Designed for the Hybrid
Professional for Work from Anywhere
PC Compatibility
With the Loop 100 Bluetooth adapter*, the headset and the computer can establish a more stable and continuous connection. Just plug the adapter in and enjoy a seamless office communication experience.
Connectivity :USB-A Bluetooth® adapter
not inserted
Situational Awareness &
The open-ear design allows you to stay connected to your surroundings and respond to people or things around you in a timely manner. At the same time, easily control your audio, communicate clearly, and stay connected to your work at all times.
At the office:
Enjoy improved communication and easier collaboration.
While working from home:
Stay connected to your work and colleagues without missing out on what’s happening at home.
Multipoint Pairing
The headset can be paired to up to two devices at a time and offers easy switching capabilities for seamless connection and more improved work efficiency.

Bluetooth 5.1
Stable Connection

Do your work without the wires. This level of Bluetooth connectivity means you can participate in a call without worrying about stability issues.

Long Battery Life
Master All-Day

OpenComm uses high-sensitivity technology to deliver major battery efficiency. Enjoy up to 16 hours of talk time and up to 8 hours of listening/music time Master all-day communication so you can always be online anytime, anywhere.

Quick Charge For
Instant Communication

Never miss a beat at work. A 5-minute quick charge delivers 2 hours of talk time. Enjoy a full charge in just 60 minutes.


Fortified with IP55 water-resistant durability and a microphone designed with water-resistant acoustic mesh, your headset will work as hard as you do. Endure an accidental splashing of water/coffee/juice or work outdoors without disrupting your productivity.

Different Job
Same Headset

OpenComm UC fulfills the needs of working from home or offices, driver, warehouse operator, etc.
With this revolutionary headset, you can enjoy better connectivity with your work and stay aware of
your surroundings and respond to people or things around you in a timely manner.

Shokz has launched B2B business and provides the best solution for enterprise customers.

Please contact us for more details.

What’s In The Box

OpenComm Bone Conduction Stereo Bluetooth Headset
Loop 100 USB-A Bluetooth Adapter
Magnetic Induction Charger
Hard Shell Carrying Case

Product Review

Rotate your Boom Mic

DSP Noise-Canceling Boom Mic
Quick Charge
16 Hours of Talk Time
IP55 Water-Resistant
7th generation bone conduction
DSP Noise-Canceling Boom Mic
16 Hours of Talk Time
IP55 Water-Resistant
Quick Charge
7th generation bone conduction
IP55 Sweatproof
Repels dust, sweat,
and moisture for added durability
Bluetooth 5.1
Strong, reliable connectivity
up to 33 feet
Battery Life
16 Hours of Talk Time
Charge Time
1 hour
Standby Time
Up to 14 Days
Charging Port
Magnetic Induction
Battery Capacity
170 mAh
Maximum Charging Voltage
5.25 V
Bluetooth Versions
Bluetooth V5.1
Mutipoint Pairing
Wireless Range
33 feet
Compatible Codecs
Compatible Profiles
Sweat & Water Resistant
IP55 Sweatproof
Full Titanium
Moisture Detector
Command Controls
Multifunction button, Volume button
Frequency Response
96 ± 3dB
Microphone Type
DSP Noise-Canceling Boom Mic
Microphone Sensitivity
-38dB ± 3dB
Find The Right Headphone For You
$ 319.00
$ 249.00
Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth 5.1
PC/Mobile Recommended
Mobile Recommended
Battery Life
16 Hours of Talk Time
16 Hours of Talk Time

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Product is above Expectation and Wonderful Customer Support

I am a project Engineer in a Telco Company in Sydney. And I am waring OPENCOMM UC product almost 8 Hrs a on every working day.
It is always connected to both my Apple Mobile Phone and PC (Windows). It is very helpful in following ways.
1. I can seamlessly switch between My mobile Phone and PC for Teams meeting with just a press of button.
2. Very easy to ware and won’t feel even though I am waring it for 8 Hrs. Not just line any other headphone unit, which get hotter while wearing for long time.
3. Clarity of the sound in all types of calls (Teams and Mobile) is above expectation. After getting used to this I cannot ware conventional headsets, they are not providing the clarity I need.
4. You are not cutoff from the environment, even can ware during driving without getting distracted.
And about the customer service: - recently I got one issue with my USB-A dongle and “Shokz” replace it within one week without any long process. I like the customer support. and new Loop110 is better than previous Loop101 dongle in every aspect.

Paul Mac
Don't buy

Don't buy online. Customer support to get help is VERY bad.

David Fowler


Hermanus Bernardus Taljaard

Enjoying it.

David Mutthumani
Works well with MS Teams

Bluethooth signal is strong, light weight, battery lasts for a few days.


What's the difference between OpenComm and OpenComm UC?
They are both designed for communication, OpenComm will focus on mobile devices while UC focuses on desk devices in the office or telecommuting.
How to connect OpenComm UC with PC/laptop?
The dongle and headphone of the UC kit come pre-configured, so you just plug it into your PC/laptop, turn on your headphones then it's ready to go.
What type of connection interface is it?
The headphone is a magnetic port as OpenComm, while the dongle is a USB-A type port.
Can OpenComm UC connect with a mobile phone?
Definitely yes! The headphone can connect with mobile phones alone via the original Bluetooth channel when needed.
How many devices can I connect with OpenComm UC at the same time?
OpenComm UC supports 2 devices at the same time via multipoint pairing, connecting desk device by Dongle while connecting mobile device by Bluetooth. Steps can be found here.


1. OpenComm UC was tested under controlled laboratory conditions, and the comparison object is Shokz previous generation products.
2. OpenComm UC was tested under the normal temperature environment of standard atmospheric pressure by connecting the headset to an iPhone 12 Pro within one meter and switching the EQ to standard mode. The data was collected by playing “Trouble Is A Friend” by Lenka at a volume level of 93%.
3. OpenComm UC was tested under controlled laboratory conditions. This data is gathered at the Shokz laboratory and is charged by 5V voltage at 25±2 ℃.
4. OpenComm UC can withstand moderate sweat, rain, and dust exposure in a non-water environment. OpenComm UC was tested under controlled laboratory conditions and has a rating of IP55 under IEC standard 60529. Water-resistance is not a permanent condition and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Please do not submerge or expose the frames for an extended period to water or any drinks.
Let's Be Open!
With nothing inside or over your ears,
enjoy total awareness while you listen.
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