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Ears Health Matters: Here are Some Tips for Getting Rid of Weird Feeling...

Shokz|Feb 28
Our ears are exceptionally sensitive to sound. Without being too technical, our ears pick up the faintest noises, but these are often overshadowed by the loud noises around us. Nevertheless,...

For Beginners: How to Start Rock Climbing

Shokz|Feb 28
Although there are countless reasons to start rock climbing for beginners, many quote the strength benefits of rock climbing to be their biggest reason for taking a step towards climbing...

How Much Water to Carry When Hiking

Shokz|Feb 28
Water is an essential part of our lives, but it’s even more important when it comes to longer outdoor adventures and workouts. When it comes to hiking, that’s a combination...

How to Listen to Music While Swimming

Shokz|Feb 28
Swimming is one of the best exercises available, providing a full-body workout without putting any strain on your joints and muscles. Despite these benefits, swimming isn't appealing to many because...
Rowing vs Running: Which is the Better Cardio?

Rowing vs Running: Which is the Better Cardio?

Shokz|Feb 28
When it comes to cardio, hardly any form of exercise gets as much attention as running. Running has long been touted as the most effective form of cardio, but it...

Ears Feeling Dizzy?

Shokz|Feb 28
Dizziness often starts in the inner ear. Not only are balance and hearing linked, but pressure can build up in the ear triggering dizziness. Instead of waiting for the feeling...
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