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The list of first testers has been announced.
1. Mxxx@the-hobsons.co.uk
2. Aimee.adxxx@hotmail.com
3. Info@therunningxxxxx.co.uk
4. Jamxxx.running@gmail.com
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22. leexxx@yahoo.com
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25. vandexxxxx.davinia@hotmail.com
Congratulations on becoming our First Tester. We will contact you by email.
How to register?
1. Leave your email address on the event page of the official website. After leaving your email address, you will receive an event introduction email. Complete the questionnaire in the email, and the registration is successful.

2. Deadline for registration: 23:59, July 4, 2023
Find out if you have been selected.
1. On July 5th, the list of Candidates will be announced on the event page of the official website.

2. We will contact the selected candidates by official email in advance.

3. This event does not charge any fees.
Remember to tell us your experience!
1. Follow @SHOKZ official social media.

2. Feedback needs to include three dimensions: usage time, usage scenarios and wearing experience.

3. The content should be more than 100 words and more than 2 pictures, both pictures and videos are acceptable.

How will a day be spent with OpenFit?
09:00 AM
The time on the way to work can also become so pleasant
Every Sound, Uncovered
Our new product continues the Shokz Open-Ear concept with a compact earbud design.

OpenFit is built around the ear, leaving the inner ear open to keep you engaged with the world.
11:00 AM
Work in a long time can be also in comfort
Feel Nothing but Comfort
The cushioned core is engineered with a dual-layered liquid silicone that gives a pliable fit for every ear shape while avoiding discomfort from even extended wear.
17:00 PM
Stretch your body freely, control your mind without limit
Made for a Secure Fit
The ergonomic and flexible ear hook perfectly wraps around different curves of ears, providing a soft and secure grip. Feel free to walk, run, and even jump, and OpenFit stays in place.
20:00 PM
Let go of the tiredness and let the heart beat with the music
A Live Concert Just for You
For a true audio experience, Shokz introduces DirectPitch™, a brand-new audio experience made for OpenFit, our latest product.

The Shokz OpenBass™, a proprietary low-frequency enhancement algorithm carries low-frequency vibrations directly toward your ear without covering it.
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