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The list of winners has been announced.

1. ehsanmxxxxx@gmail.com
2. pete.xxxxxxx@yahoo.com
3. kedusoxxxx@gmail.com
4. caxxxjt@gmail.com
5. verxxx.mattner@gmx.de
6. txxxja@web.de
7. the.cat.is.whisxxxx@icloud.com
8. nero1205xxxx@yahoo.co.jp
9. dairexxxxx@gmail.com
10. laurymxxxx@gmail.com
11. stexxx@sdevries.com
12. hexxx.wolfs@gmail.com
Thank you for participating in shokz's 12th anniversary crossword puzzle. We will contact you by email.
“I will not forget that moment when I tried them on and heard music coming from both sides for the first time ever. It was magical.
Noelle McFarland
Tennessee, USA
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“The most important thing isn’t really the distance, it’s just the landscape, the place that you visit, and the experience you have.”
Katie Kookaburra
Manchester, UK
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“I understand that community is a vital part of my life. It’s where people can come together and find a support system to better their lives.”
Xavier Jimenez
California, USA
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“I can explore the diversity of life by constantly training and challenging myself.
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Thank you for your unwavering support over the years. We’re excited to celebrate your stories, achievements, and memories, and take on the future together.
To celebrate these 12 years, we’ve created a crossword puzzle using keywords associated with Shokz. Everyone who successfully completes the challenge will win a $30 discount coupon and a chance to receive a limited-edition giveaway with their purchase! And all those who have completed the crossword puzzle will have a chance to win a free pair of OpenFit earbuds. We will conduct the draw at the end of the event.
1 O2
4 C6
H3 E A D P H O N E
7 T
5 N
1. Our brand name
3. A personal device worn by people to listen to audio
5. A piece of hard tissue making up the skeleton
7. Any type of physical activity people participate in for enjoyment and/or health
2. The name of our latest flagship product
4. The opposite of closed
6. The process by which heat or electricity passes through a material
You won a $30 discount coupon.
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Upon checking out, please select your preferred sports supplies. Details about the Marathon Travel Prize will be communicated via email at a later date.
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want to try again?
Q1: How long does the Shokz 12th Anniversary event last?
A: The Shokz 12th Anniversary event will last for one week from Oct 16–22, 2023.
Q2: If I unexpectedly quit the game in the middle, what should I do?
A: In case you quit the game unexpectedly, you can rejoin by clicking on the banner on the homepage of the official Shokz website and resume playing. If you didn't succeed in completing the game on your first attempt, you have the option to click "Try Again" to restart the game.
Q3: How will the winners of the free OpenFit earbuds orearbuds or those eligible for a free order be selected? When will the results be announced?
A: We will select the winners from those who have completed the crossword puzzle and the posts with the most likes or comments on shares upon conclusion of the event on Oct 22, 2023. The winners will be announced on the official Shokz website along with an email notification within two days after the event ends.
Q4: How do I use the $30 discount coupon?
A: Use the coupon at checkout for a $30 discount when purchasing headphones on the official Shokz website during the Shokz 12th Anniversary event.
Q5: When does the coupon code expire?
A: The coupon code will expire at 23:59 Oct 22.
Q6: Can I use this coupon code with another discount/code?
A: No, The coupon cannot be combined with other discounts.
Q7: How do I get hold of the free giveaway?
A: When you buy Shokz products on the official Shokz website during the Shokz 12th Anniversary event, you'll have the opportunity to include our promotional gift during checkout. The giveaway will be sent with your purchased Shokz headphones. Please note that the giveaway are available in limited quantities and are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until stocks are depleted.
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