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What is TryShokzOn?

Shokz puts user experience first. The TryShokzOn program aims to create opportunities for sports clubs to try out Shokz headphones for free.
To date, more than 1,400 sports clubs around the world have benefited from this program. This time we will randomly select 50 sports clubs to enter the TryShokzOn Program.
Are you active in a sports club in Australia or New Zealand? Register now for your chance to win Shokz headphones for your club.

Headphones for TryShokzOn

Flagship Bone Conduction Headphones
As the flagship model of bone-conduction sports headphones, OpenRun Pro is the best choice for professional sports. Whether it's for marathon running or cycling, it's got it all. We offer four colors: Black, Blue, Beige and Pink.
Open-Ear True Wireless Earbuds
An innovative representative of Shokz open-ear headphones, OpenFit is a true wireless Open-Ear Bluetooth earbud for multi-scenario use. It is suitable for light-intensity exercise, such as fast walking, jogging, hiking and yoga. We offer two colors: Black and Beige.
*Applications for headphones models will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Sports clubs can keep the headphones.

How to participate in the TryShokzOn program?

Sign Up
Sign up and fill out the registration form.
Select 50 Sports Clubs
We will randomly select 50 sports clubs to enter the challenge and each will be given a pair of headphones.
Get Notification Mail
Please note that the selected sports clubs will be notified by e-mail from Shokz.
1.Try on the headphones together at your sports club
3.Post your Shokz Moment and collect likes
One more chance to win 10 pairs of headphones from September 30th

#TryShokzOn Social Media Challenge

How to win 10 pairs of headphones?
2nd Prize
3*OpenRun Pro + 2*OpenFit
1st Prize
6*OpenRun Pro + 4*OpenFit
3rd Prize
1*OpenRun Pro + 1*OpenFit


11/09/23 - 22/09/23
TryShokzOn application
25/09/23 - 29/09/23
Announcement of selected clubs & Headphones shipment
30/09/23 - 12/10/23
#TryShokzOn Challenge
Announcement of winners

Why Open-Ear Listening?

As the pioneer in Open-Ear headphones, Shokz strives to bring the benefits of Open-Ear listening to more and more people.
Whether you're on a busy street or hiking in the woods, open-ear headphones keep you safe and connected to your world.
Situational Awareness
By leaving the ear canal open, you can enjoy the comfort all day long.
Music could be motivation for sports, boosting your energy and encouraging you.
Power of music
Open-ear headphones allow you to hear the sounds of your friends and teammates so you can enjoy sports together!
Sociable headphones

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