What you need to know about Shokz

Shokz is the world’s leading bone conduction technology manufacturer and innovator, we are known for outstanding developments in wireless open-ear sport headphones.

Shokz has redefined sporting experience, and are exploring more possibilities of bone conduction technology in our life.

As the world's leading bone conduction technology manufacturer and innovator, Shokz goal is always to BE OPEN, aiming to create a SAFE, COMFORTABLE and STABLE hearing experience for you.

With the same philosophy, we are highly regarded by sport organizations and are the official headphone partner of England Athletics/Fédération Française d'Athlétisme/Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband.

11th Birthday
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Not just headphones,
Shokz is here to redefine your life and sport experience

18th October 2022, Shokz’11th Birthday
During our birthday month, let’s get to know each other better!
*Aftershokz was renamed to Shokz on 29th December 2021, its 11 years since Aftershokz started.
Tell us your story about how Shokz has redefined your life and sport experience. Let your experience influence more sportsmen and women!
Free Shokz Headphone for Storyteller!
To celebrate Shokz' 11st birthday, We will select 11 outstanding Shokz storytellers and give each of you a Shokz headphone you like for free!

Thank you for celebrating Shokz 11th Birthday with us, we're deeply touched by your story! We hope we can continue to be a part of your sports and life in the future.
Here is the full list of our winners:
h.lef****@****ud.com graeme*********@****l.com nc****@****ail.com disn****@***.com angeliq****@****ste.net alex****@****.fr johanne.ma****@****ail.fr mathi*********@****l.com mdick****@****e m.kle****@****lo.nl rob****@****com
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