Designed for Urban Sport
Entry-level Bone Conduction Sports
Headphone For Daily Use
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$129.00 Regular price
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$129.00 Regular price
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OpenMove was created with versatility in mind and designed for everyday use. Bringing you best-in-class bone conduction technology, our signature open-ear design, and comfortable, safe listening at an entry-level price.
OpenMove was created with versatility in mind and designed for everyday......
6-Hour Battery Life
USB-C Charging Port
IP55 Sweatproof (Against Splashing Water)
$129.00 Regular price
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6-Hour Battery Life
USB-C Charging Port
IP55 Sweatproof (Against Splashing Water)
24-Month Warranty
Free 2-3 Business-Day Delivery
30 Days Return & Refund
24-Month Warranty
You will enjoy a 24-month warranty period from the purchased date with any products here
Free 2-3 Business-Day Delivery
Orders will be dispatched within 2 business days. The parcel will arrive at your address in 48 hours once shipping out.
30 Days Return & Refund
30-day return & refund window is available for you if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase here for any reason.
Awards for OpenMove
2021 Summer VGP Award
2021 Reddot Award
Entry Level
Bone Conduction
For Daily Use.
Stay Aware
Stay Safe
OpenMove headphones allow the sound of traffic and your music to be heard at the same time.
Open-Ear Comfort
Stay Put
OpenMove brings a pain-free listening experience with nothing in or over your ears, and stays put through all ranges of movement.
Battery Life
6-hour battery life and 10-day standby time allows you to music, calls, audiobooks, and podcasts all day long without battery life anxiety.
IP55 Sweatproof protection helps the headphones hold up against moisture and dirt.
Enhanced Audio
Powerful Chip
Patented 7th generation of bone conduction technology delivers superior dynamic stereo sound. Bluetooth 5.1 brings a quick and stable connection. Range of up to 33ft (10 meters).

2 EQ Modes

Standard Mode
For outdoor use.
Vocal Booster Mode
Crystal-clear sound for
Podcasts & audio books.
Crystal Clear Sound
For Stable Calls
The dual noise-cancelling microphones eliminates ambient noise for a stable connection for phone and video calls.
Easy Switching
Easily switch connection between a PC and your smartphone.
Easy Charge
The USB-C Charging Port makes it easy and convenient to charge the headphones.

Open-Ear Music
On The Move

Giving more people access to the brilliant experience of
open-ear listening in everyday life.

What’s In The Box

OpenMove Headphones
USB-C Charging Cable
Carrying Bag
User Manual


Bluetooth 5.1
Strong, reliable connectivity
up to 33 feet (10m).
PremiumPitch™ 2.0
Stereo Sound
A premium audio experience
every time.
3 EQ Settings
Human Voice, Standard,
and Earplug Mode for
customizable listening.
Battery Life
6 hours
Charge Time
2 hours
Standby Time
Up to 10 Days
Charging Port
Battery Capacity
135 mAh
Maximum Charging Voltage
5.25 V
Bluetooth Versions
Bluetooth V5.1
Mutipoint Pairing
Wireless Range
33 feet
Compatible Codecs
Compatible Profiles
Sweat & Water Resistant
IP55 Sweatproof
Titanium Headband Polycarbon Ear Hook
Moisture Detector
Command Controls
Multifunction button, Volume button
Frequency Response
96 ± 3dB
Microphone Type
Dual Noise-Canceling Mic
Microphone Sensitivity
-40dB ± 2dB
Find The Right Headphone For You
Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth 5.1
Battery Life
6 Hours
8 Hours
Water Resistance
Sweatproof, against splashing water
Waterproof, against rain

Expert Reviews

“Bone-conducting headphones aren’t supposed to replace ‘normal’ headphones, rather to give active people an option to enjoy music or listen to podcasts when they exercise without risking their lives in the process by blocking their hearing.”
“The AfterShokz OpenMove is a great-sounding Bluetooth bone-conduction headset that allows you to work out with music while remaining aware of your environment.”
“Rather than an upgrade on the Titanium, I see the OpenMove as an improvement on the Air headphones. They’re a cheaper option that are also lighter, have more modern Bluetooth tech, and match the Air for sound quality and battery life at six hours of playback.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Kim Miller
Great value

A cycling friend was wearing Shokz and I was impressed by them. I came to the site and found they were on discount so bought them immediately. They are comfortable and fit even with my normal specs and then dark glasses over the top. I use them when cycling and can still hear all the traffic noise around me. The only problem I had was the first time wearing them and everything came from the left earpiece and very little from the right. It took me longer than it should have to refit them and snug the right side closer to my ear. I'd not put them on evenly. Suddenly, perfect sound.

Kiki Dowling
Perfect and a win win 🤩

My son, 8 years old, has dinted on his head because of wearing a headphone all day long.
Then I was searching alternative for a headphone, he can't use earbuds, I bought him once then he keep loosing it.
Then I found Shocks, an open-ear design headphone with bone conduction, with open-Ear headphones, he can hear his video/game without blocking out ambient sounds. So he can stay aware of his surroundings and we still can communicate with him.
And the most important thing, his head can recover from the dinted caused by a classic headphone.
The customer service are amazing as well, very helpful and efficient.
I was too late to see the first order discount they offered, I only saw it when I already placed my order. I contacted the CS, sent them proof and they acted promptly and gave me the 10% I deserved.
And this amazing open-ear headphone has one year guarantee too. Perfect. It's a win win

They are awesome

I bought the pink open move and love them as they don’t go in my ears. The sound quality is awesome and I can still hear what is going on around me.

Ian Muller

These are exactly what I have been looking for.
I can be hard of hearing, but also I cannot bear to go walking / working around the house without something to listen to.
The combination to hear the music / podcast faultlessly, not disturb anyone else, but also hear any traffic etc. is amazing.
If these broke today, I would buy a brand new pair tomorrow.

Changyue Song
Really nice service

My OpenMove has no worked, they directly to me new one immediately, that's so nice


Q: Can I use OpenMove for phone calls?
A: Yes, the OpenMove has two Microphones on the right side, which can be used to answer and make phone calls.
Q: Does OpenMove fit for running and cycling?
A: Absolutely you can wear OpenMove for running and cycling.
Q: Can others hear my music when playing?
A: Don’t worry about this, others cannot hear it unless they wears your OpenMove.
Q: What does EQ mean for OpenMove?

A: Equalization – or EQ – is one of the most well-known forms of audio processing in music playing. OpenMove offers 3 EQs for different surroundings: Standard mode, Vocal booster mode, Earplug mode.

You can press and hold the button of volume + and - for 3s when music playing to switch EQ.

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① This data was the result of a test that was conducted using OpenMove paired with iPhone 7 (version: ISO12.3.1).
Test conditions: Paired OpenMove with iPhone 7, adjusted to the standard EQ mode, played the white noise file with a 44.1kHz sampling rate and 24bit depth in wav format through the IOS music player, and set the volume to around 80% of the maximum volume.
Test content: OpenMove battery was fully discharged and then charged to 100%. The audio file was played until the headphones stopped playback. The duration time was counted as the continuous playback time of the headphones.
The test result showed that the OpenMove had a continuous playback time of up to 6 hours. In actual use, battery life depends on device settings, environment, usage, and many other factors.
②IPX5: This rating applies to items that are protected against ingress from jets of liquid.
Test conditions :
a) OpenMove was placed on a testing table.
b) A strong jet was used to project water in all directions of OpenMove.
c) The inner diameter of the jet was 6.3mm, and the water flow was 12.5L/min.
d) The distance between the jet and OpenMove was between 2.5m to 3m, and the duration time was 3 minutes.
After the test, OpenMove functioned normally.
IP5X: This rating applies to items that are protected against ingress from dust.
This was tested using a 1.0 mm access probe and by inspection to ensure any dust that enters would not interfere with the part’s functionality.
1. Testing on access to hazardous parts: Used a metal wire of 1.0 mm to probe some hazardous parts such as gaps of the shell.
2. Testing on the entry of solid foreign objects:
a) OpenMove was placed in a dustproof box with talc powder floating in the box. The amount of talc powder was 2kg per cubic meter of the test box volume.
b) The talc powder was filtered through a metal square-hole sieve. The diameter of the metal wire was 50μm, and the mesh size was 75μm. The amount of talc used was 2kg per cubic meter of the test box volume and the material was used within 20 times.
c) The duration time was 8 hours.
After the test, there was no dust deposit inside the shell of OpenMove, and OpenMove functioned normally.
③Compared to the 6th generation, the 7th generation has higher waterproof standard and 50% less sound leakage.
Let's Be Open!
With nothing inside or over your ears,
enjoy total awareness while you listen.
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